Yet Again

I got the same darn fortune in my cookie today.

It's very disheartening. I mean after the first cookie..I just laughed it off because I knew well enough that nothing was going to happen. Not only because the words were written on a piece of paper stuffed inside a small snack, but because well..I know my life or as much of it as I can after 19 years of living anyway. There are no romantic interests for me.
But now getting it again after all that has been going on lately...I feel..bad. I feel as though even food stuffs are trying to help me out here!



I don't's better this way

Maybe his silence is the very best thing I can hope for

the less painful route
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darn those lying cookies

The fortune in my fortune cookie said:

"The evening promises romantic interests."

Even cookies can tell bold faced lies

what a sick twisted world we live in

and now that I think about's vague as well..
I don't even know what that means

Am I the interested one? Or is he?
Or maybe I'm just reading a romantic book or watching a movie?

why in God's name do i even care?

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(no subject)

What are you supposed to do

when you're not sure what to do?

I'm not sure exactly what it is that he wants from me

or no

I think I know just what is it he wants


there's the rub
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