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What A Guy


I have a friend who lives out in Vegas, right? And this friend recently (very recently i might add) got a boyfriend/fiance. So Mr. loves her so so much and she is his angel and blah blah gag blah. Well..for him part of loving her means getting to know the important people in her life. I am in the top. She calls me her sister and talks about me to him. Enough so that he wanted to talk to me. we've spoken on the phone several times and the last few times he's mentioned he'd like me to go out to Vegas. He said that they would come get me but now he's talking about me getting up there..as if I had a way. for my Easter break. He keeps telling me that when I know when my break is I should tell them so  we could make plans. 
I was never terribly excited to spend my precious one week break with "The World's Most Precious Couple." Wonder why..
And today I decided to check out his myspace. CONFEDERATE FLAGS ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' PLACE. I kid you not. His background is a flag his icons are the flags his new featured group uses the flag. She told me he was racist (didn't say against who or give me specific incidents but I'm getting it) but..JESUS. He knows I'm Black....and really wants to see me

should I be worried?
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